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BONUS XP’S are Experience Points that you can collect and get added to your account that will help increase your ranking on the Daily, Weekly & Monthly Leaderboards.

Please visit MASLOW MISSIONS under the BONUS tab on the menu, to find many different ways you can help support JAMES and in doing so collect your valuable BONUS XP’S!

Welcome to the NEW James Maslow Games

A lot has changed so take this time to understand how the new leaderboard system works


Play Games to Earn Game Points (pts)


Game Points (pts) are used to climb and compete on each games unique leaderboard


To help you track where you stand during the day, we have provided you with a Projected Ranking. This means that if the leaderboards were to close at that moment, you would be in that position for the Daily Ranking after we reward you with the XP


At 11:59PM ET, your ranking in each game leaderboard will reward you with XP. This XP will then be added together with all your other XP and reward you for your Daily Ranking


Daily Login XP

You have been awarded 500M$ and 250XP!

Reminder: To be eligible for band rewards, you must have your profile completed including full address

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